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Men Of Pendle Concert

The ‘Men of Pendle’ concert at Colne Muni was a tremendous success. The large choir, under the combined batons of David Wilkinson, Frank Smith and Matthew Leedam, gelled together and sang as if they had been doing it for years, instead of just three rehearsals. The guest soloist, the distinguished English tenor Adrian Thompson, sang a wide variety of music with great beauty of tone and wonderful artistry and showed why he is so highly regarded on the international music scene.

David Wilkinson, organiser of the concert and conductor of Pendle Youth Choir wites as follows
I am writing to thank you for the sterling singing and support at yesterday’s concert. To have people singing from across every generation in our community was a wonderful sight and sound.
Frank knows that I hold his music making in the highest esteem and being near it again over the last few weeks has been a great pleasure to me personally.

The alchemy needed to weld amateur “ butchers, bakers and candlestick makers ” into something chorally wonderful is something very magical that is part of our English heritage for the last few centuries of which yesterday was another part.

It was good to be there.

I feel it not inappropriate to add that Adrian and Judy despite my insistance would not take a penny piece for thier day’s efforts in Pendle.Adrianwould like his fee/expences to help a child/children who might otherwise struggle to go on our next trip to sing for half an hour in Canterbury Cathedral then The Madeleine(Paris) andChartres. As you all know, just like yesterday, such things are life enriching . I shall enact his wishes and your efforts for us will subsidise the whole venture.

We are grateful for this but even more for the experience of yesterday.

We thank you and wish you well until we meet together again at some time in the future.

Your sincerely

David and Pendle Youth Choir.