Become A Choir Member

The Arion Choir is currently seeking male voices.

Whatever your age, experience or ability, we are willing to help you get started. We respect and value the contribution of all our members in achieving our core values.

Why not come to one of our rehearsals. These are held every Monday between 7/30pm and 9/30 pm in Barrowford. For more details contact us at : -

There is no obligation and there is nothing to lose.  In fact there is everything to gain. Make new friends, enjoy the experience and perhaps benefit on a regular basis from what is probably the finest singing/musical lesson for miles around.

To be a member of a Male Voice Choir is adjudged to be the best club a man can belong to.  It offers the opportunity to entertain, to receive rapturous applause, calls for encores and occasionally standing ovations.  It also gives the opportunity to sing in all sorts of venues be it Theatres, Halls, Churches and Cathedrals both near and far.  How lucky we all are!

Help us to maintain the long tradition of Male Voice singing.

Go on give us a call.

Become A Patron

Nelson Arion Male Voice Choir patron’s Scheme

The Nelson Arion Male Voice Choir was formed in 1887 and over the past years it has been very successful in many festivals and competitions as well as bringing and sharing music throughout the UK and beyond. In addition to providing entertainment it has been responsible for raising thousands of pounds for a wide range of charities, both local and national.

Many people have supported the choir  in many different ways over the past years and I would like to ask you to consider becoming a patron of the choir.

The minimum contribution is £10 per person per annum which would give you first choice when purchasing tickets for our two main concerts and you will be kept up to date with the choir’s activities by receiving a copy of our quarterly magazine The Clarion. If you become a patron you may also complete a Gift Aid form which enables the choir to claim a further 20% from the Inland Revenue which helps us defray the ever increasing costs of running the choir.

If you would like to become a patron please contact the patron secretary who will be pleased to forward the form for you to complete.